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 'Between Holy and Mundane'


Lewinski College, Tel Aviv. 11.1-12.20 2018

Curator: Arie Berkovitz

בין קודש לחול

"One of the main obstacles that a novice painter encounters when he comes to paint from observation is a conceptual conflict. This is because everything is actually made up of two things: meaning, and substance. The mind, refers to the word through its meaning for us, and not through its materiality. And therefore the painter gives an iconic interpretation of what he sees, which is not compatible with reality. It takes a lot of hours of training to teach the brain to separate these two things and pass on to the painter the relevant information for the painting, which is the material interpretation only."

From the lecture given by the artist at Levinsky College. Gallery talk at the exhibition "Between Holy and Mundane"

Chomer, Ruach, Chomer.

The Other Gallery 3.15, Holon. curator: Avner Bar Hama


Mirror, Writing

Haik center for Contemporary Art 12.14, Old Jaffa. curatorial assistance: David Nipo

כתב, ראי תערוכת יחיד מרכז חייק 11.12.14.

Gather Roses

Ofra Gallery 4.10 curator: Rut Pasder

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